Routine Running

11 Mar


Since moving into our new home three months ago, my main objective is to establish routines and traditions to create a little predictability in our lives.  It’s not that I don’t love spontaneity, but I find peace and solace in my routines. I’ve had enough surprises- good and bad-this year.  Why can’t I have the same breakfast and lunch everyday?  Who says more is better?

Friday is friend day in our house.  Since the kids get out of school early on Fridays, I let each invite a friend to come over for the afternoon.  They get to play and I get to prep food and menus for the week ahead.  While Pandora is streaming Jason Mraz through the kitchen, I make homemade salsa and tortillas.  I boil eggs for snacks during the week.  I chop vegetables and prep fruit.  I plan the following week’s menu and write out the grocery list.  Since the kids are occupied, I usually find time to make some cookies, too.

About the time the girls are saying goodbye to their friends, I’m gazing lovingly at my fully stocked fridge with satisfaction and a smile.

Not exactly “Girls Gone Wild”, but I love Fridays and so do the kids.

I love training for marathons for the same reason.  While most people are nursing a hangover or catching up on sleep, come New Year’s Day I’m printing out my marathon training plan.  I plug in my goals and current fitness level and my printer miraculously tells me what I’m going to be doing each morning for the next 16 weeks.  No thinking.  Just doing.

There are weeks where life happens and plans change, but overall I have direction and focus.  It’s not enough to know where I’m going. I have to know how I’ll get there and for me, routine is key.

Time is always short.  It takes no effort to find ways to fill every minute of my day, so I’ve learned to prioritize.  Fitness is important enough for me that I willingly wake up as early as 4:30 am to get my run in.  Every.  Single.  Day.

It’s hard to wake up at a time I once considered the middle of the night.  But I’ve done it enough times to know that I feel fantastic when it’s done, mentally and physically.  I feel confident and more capable of handling whatever the day throws at me.  It’s become as routine as brushing my teeth and when I miss it, it feels as gross as not brushing my teeth.

When we make something routine, when we put something on the calendar every day and treat that time as sacred time when nothing short of an emergency will get in the way, what we want to achieve becomes so much more doable.  When there is no debate, just a resolution to do “it”, “it” will get done, more often than not.

So mock my daily turkey sandwich.  Laugh away at the fact that I’m in my PJ’s by 7 pm.  But our routine is working and our household is happier for it.

Kim’s getting her groove back.

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