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Finding Meaning in my Running

Every time someone asks me why I run, my response is the same.  “I run because I can.”

I don’t mean to be flippant, but that just about sums it up.  I believe our bodies are gifts.  What better way to show gratitude for a gift than to use it in a way that is healthy and benefits others.  For the second year in a row, I am running for a cause greater than medals, personal records and self-serving glory.  I am running for those that can’t.  I am running with the Huntsman Hometown Heroes.

I was introduced to this group a few years ago when Coach Elfi and her husband Rick began attending my cycle classes.  Through them I met numerous Heroes.  Some had battled cancer, some had lost loved ones to the disease.  All were heroes in the truest sense in that they never let this monster stop them from living life to its fullest.  Every Hero I met inspired me to be better- to appreciate my blessings both great and small.  To see the world with better perspective.

Last year I lost my Aunt Susan to cancer.  My dear friend Shelly lost her mother to cancer.  I have friends doing battle with cancer today.  

When I’m out on a run, enjoying the sound of the trees, the rhythm of my feet on pavement, the smell of wood stoves burning, the crunch of leaves fallen from the trees or the soft brushes of snow on my cheeks, I am grateful.  No matter how hard a run is, I am running.  I am grateful.  No matter how slow I move, I am running.  I am grateful.  No matter how short my route, I am running.  I am grateful.

While my body is in working order, I will take great care.  I will not waste a moment when I can run, bike or swim.  Life is not lived in front of a television or computer screen.  It is lived outside… moving. 

God did not bless me with the intelligence to cure cancer.  But he did bless me with health and two working legs.  So I will run for those who can’t.  I am running the Ogden Marathon this year again for my Aunt Susan and Shelly’s mom Gail.  If you can help, please donate at  

Every donation counts.  Every donation matters.  100% of what I raise goes directly to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Image

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